Tuncay Pamuklu

HR Technologies

Develops, implements and supports Employee Management business solutions to furnish strategic tools and guidance.

This is what I do

Provide a platform to support a broad range of HR business processes, including payroll, recruitment, retention, learning & training management, performance & talent management, development management, e-employee, resourcing etc.
all of which can operate independently or interact together.

Core Human Resources and Payroll

When it comes to payroll, accuracy and security are of the utmost importance. You can expect simplicity and convenience too.

Performance & Talent Management

Purpose-built to help you align, engage and inspire your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.

Learning Management

Provides engaging, collaborative learning opportunities and supports enterprise learning needs with a user​-friendly experience.

e-Employee System

Self–service web portal that allows employees to perform multiple tasks independently.

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